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The Role of Circulators & Isolators in Microwave Communication

Release date: 18 - Aug - 2020

The Role of Circulators & Isolators in Microwave Communication
A major breakthrough in microwave technology is the discovery of ferrite. Ferrite is a type of ceramic magnetic material composed of metal oxide. Using this material under the combined action of DC magnetic field and microwave field, it shows a microwave ferrite device with gyromagnetic effect. Such as circulators, isolators etc. In the Gulf War, the U.S. powerful "Patriot" missile mainly relied on phased array radar technology, while ferrite phase shifter is one of the key component of phased array technology.

Application in Mobile Communication

Mobile communication refers to a type of communication between mobile users and fixed stations or mobile stations. Mobile communication has experienced analog language mobile communication (first generation), digital language mobile communication (second generation) such as GSM, CDMA, now it has entered into the global multimedia communication(the third generation). One of its main features is that global roaming can be achieved, making communication between any user at any time, any place becomes possible. In the future, it will be developed to the fourth generation---high-speed mobile communication. These systems all belong to the wireless communication category. They all use microwaves as transmission methods. Therefore, microwave ferrite circulators and isolators are indispensable basic components. The application of circulators / isolators in mobile communications is mainly in base stations and mobile station systems.

Brief introduction of microwave communication technology

Microwave communication is a method of using electromagnetic waves with a wavelength range of 0.0001 to 1 meter to achieve communication. Microwave communication can realize the microwave transmission between two straight paths without obstacles, so it is widely used by the national communication network and is suitable for various specific communication networks. Signals such as telephones, TVs, and telegraphs that we are in daily contact with can be transmitted via microwaves. Currently, microwave communication in China mainly adopts L, S, C, X frequency bands. Microwaves have the characteristics of short wavelength and high frequency, and propagate along a straight line in the air, so they require no obstruction in their propagation path. At the same time, the transmission distance of microwave communication cannot exceed the line of sight, otherwise a relay station will be needed. The role of the relay station is to amplify the received microwave and continue to transmit downward. The two relay stations distance is about 50km. This communication method is microwave relay communication. Microwave transmission equipment includes receiving antennas, modulation equipment, signal receiving equipment, signal sending equipment, multiplexing equipment, and matching automatic control equipment. Microwave transmission is not easily interfered by natural environmental factors, so it has good communication stability.

ZTS have over 10 years of experience engineering, designing, and manufacturing high quality ferrite isolators and circulators for the Space and Defense markets. Our standard and high power isolator and circulator products are available in Coax, Waveguide, Drop-in, and Dual Junction configurations, cover the frequency range 300 MHz to 40 GHz.

Circulator & Isolator Applications

Communication systems like GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, EGSM, Wimax, TD-LTE etc.

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