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RF Isolator & Circulator Frequency Division in Common Areas

Release date: 02 - Nov - 2020

RF Isolator & Circulator Frequency Division in Common Areas:

Communications industry:

5G frequency band: 2496-2690MHz; 3400-3600MHz; 4800-5000MHz

5G millimeter wave frequency band: 24.25-27.5GHz

GSM900/1800 dual band: TX: 885-915MHz/1710-1785MHz

RX: 930-960MHz/1805-1880MHz

GSM Repeater: TX: 930-960MHz; 1805-1880MHz

RX: 885-915MHz; 1710-1785MHz

800MHz CDMA: TX: 825-840MHz

RX: 870-885MHz

Point-to-point spread spectrum communication equipment: 336-344MHz; 2400-2483.5MHz; 5725-5850MHz

Intercom VHF band: 136-174MHz UHF band: 400-470MHz

FM broadcasting frequency band: 87-108MHz

Common frequency bands for medical equipment: 68-88MHz; 70-95MHz; 2400-2500MHz etc.

Image transmission frequency band: 960-1215MHz

GPS and Beidou frequency: 1610-1626.5MHz; 2483.5-2500MHz

IoT frequency band: 470-510MHz

Aviation communication frequency band: 118-137MHz

Maritime satellite earth station: 1626.5-1646.5MHz; 1525.0-1545.0MHz

Research institutes usually use more low frequencies: 13.56MHz; 26-28MHz etc.

ZTS offers a wide variety of circulators to fit customers requirements. These unique devices enable two signals to use one channel. The classic use of this three port device is for the line/coax between an antenna and a transceiver, allowing the receive signal to come from the antenna (port 1) to the receiver (port 2) while the transmit signal goes from the transmitter (port 3) to the antenna (port 1). An isolator can be created by terminating one port into a matched load. These components can be used in antenna transmitting and receiving, radar, amplifier systems and anything that requires isolation from a signal reflection and the ability to send signals in opposite directions down a single channel. Our circulators feature excellent low insertion loss, high isolation and reliability.

ZTS offers a wide variety of isolators to fit customers requirements. These are two-port devices that transmit microwave or radio frequency power in one direction only and block the signal in the opposite direction. They can be thought of as a diode for RF energy. Isolators are used to isolate equipment from the effects of conditions outside of the equipment. For instance they are used to prevent a microwave source being detuned by a mismatched load. Our isolators feature excellent insertion loss, high isolation and reliability.

Circulator & Isolator Applications: Radar systems; Telecom Infrastructure; Microwave Radio Systems; Military; Communications Systems; Wireless Radio Systems; R&D Labs etc;

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